Monthly Archives: May 2013

The government consultation on business names closes tomorrow.

The word ‘co-operative’ is currently on the ‘sensitive words’ list for new business, meaning that a new businesses registering cannot call themselves a co-operative unless they meet internationally agreed co-operative values and principles.

You have one more day (deadline 22 May) to respond to the consultation.  There is a risk if sufficient responses are not received that this protection could be removed and any business could call themselves ‘co-operative’ without actually being one.  Plunkett is therefore supporting the Co-operatives UK campaign to protect the word ‘co-operative’.

As an organisation originally called the Horace Plunkett Foundation for Co-operative Studies we care passionately about this issue.  If you also do, and you haven’t responded already, now is your last chance.  The Co-operatives UK consultation response can be read here.

Respond here –