Monthly Archives: January 2013

This week we published the final report for the Making Local Food Work programme which Plunkett has led since 2007.


I’m really proud of what Making Local Food Work has achieved and I know this is the same for everyone involved in it at Plunkett and our partners CPRE, Co-operatives UK, Country Markets, FARMA, the Soil Association and Sustain.
It has been a force for good, giving a helpful hand to the community food sector at a time when the sector needed confidence.
The headlines are that it directly supported 1,600 community food enterprises to be more sustainable.  It helped over 7,250 producers, over 10,000 volunteers and 6,600 employees.  Through this it helped 3.8 million people have better access to and awareness of local food.  It’s been a great success which you can read about here.
But it’s more than just the numbers, Making Local Food Work helped the sector gain momentum.  And it’s great to see that the momentum developed in the community food world in recent years shows no signs of slowing down.  For example, in another recent report, the Economic Impact of Community Food Enterprises, we demonstrated that the community food enterprise sector has doubled in size from 2007 to 2012.
As a quote in the report says, “A huge amount of effort has gone into assessing the impact the programme has had over the past five years which, combined, forms the single simple fact that the local food world is a better place for Making Local Food Work”. I agree!