Monthly Archives: July 2012

Community Shops Fortnight came to and end last weekend (7 July) and in total 100 community shops got involved in celebrations throughout the fortnight.  This week we’ve been hearing more about what community shops got up to.

We’ve heard from Frensham Village Shop which achieved record local food sales during the fortnight.  We’ve also heard from Polstead Community Shop in Suffolk which used the fortnight to thank their supporters and volunteers.  Other community shops like Marchington held local food tasting and local food events.

What we’re hearing a lot is that Community Shops Fortnight has been a great excuse for those involved in community shops to both celebrate what they have achieved and also to shout about what a great thing their shop is to their community and to the local press.  We sent out around 1 mile of bunting, 700 rosettes, around 1,000 postcards and 200 posters to help community to celebrate.

There are loads of photos and details of what individual shops got up to on the Community Shops Fortnight blog.  We’re looking forward to next year already!

Co-operatives Fortnight 2012 coincided with the first Community Shop Fortnight. The co-operative sector’s national campaign brings together co-operatives up and down the country to highlight how co-operatives share their profits, give people an equal say and help build a better world. Here’s a re-cap of celebrations from across the UK.

On Tuesday the third of July, during Co-operatives Fortnight 2012, The Financial Times issued a special four page supplement report to celebrate the co-operative business model, which offers an alternative form to capitalism. The feature looks closely at the growing employee-owned business model, offering stability and diverse forms of ownership. The report illustrates the breadth and economic success of co-operative businesses; quoting the newly launched report. Download the special four page supplement:

In 2011, the co-operative economy grew by 1.5%, outperforming the UKeconomy for the fourth consecutive year. The co-operative economy has grown by 19.6% since 2088 whist the UKeconomy in 2011 is 1.7% smaller than in 2008. On the day of launch, BBC Breakfast News visited Co-operatives UK member, The Handmade Bakery; a community owned bakery in Slaithwaite, Yorkshire. The Co-operative Economy 2012 Storify includes photographs and tweets from the day. Download a copy of The Co-operative Economy.

Get your thumbs at the ready to support sustainable, community owned shops during Community Shop Fortnight. Illustrating the breadth of the UKco-operative sector, the Co-operate app was launched. The first co-operative sector app makes it easy for you to find your local co-operatives; including community owned shops and pubs. Take part in the Check-in Challenge to win £50 of co-operative vouchers.

Have you heard of the Blockley Village Shop and Café? Worker-owner, Amanda Maxted ( features in the newly launched Co-operative Womens Challenge 2012 website. Do you kow any inspirational women in the co-operative movement? Ensure you let know.

Throughout the course across Co-operatives Fortnight, there have been numerous Events across the UK in celebration of co-operative businesses; including eco-festivals and library workshops.

As a final farewell to both Community Shop Fortnight, and Co-operatives Fortnight 2012, co-operatives across the globe will celebrate International Co-operatives Day, on Saturday 7 July.  International Co-operatives Day is a day of global co-operative action.  A global movement of 1.4 million businesses and 1 billion people are already celebrating the United Nations International Year of Co-operatives. 7 July is a day of shared action in this unique year. Learn more about activities in the UKand across the world.